Technical Fact 8: Nutanix Files and HYCU vs traditional file servers

11-okt-2021 11:58:46

Incredible progress has been made by technology in the last couple of years. The future of technology is overwhelming for some, while it can be exciting for others. In our ‘Technical Facts’ series, we have put together some interesting and surprising facts about tech! You might be surprised and amused by what we’ve discovered. Time to talk about the benefits of the combination of Nutanix Files and HUCU vs traditional file servers.

What are the issues associated with traditional file servers?

Some organizations use enterprise Network-Attached Storage (NAS) filers. Other organizations run virtual Windows file servers or file server clusters. Windows servers are more robust than they get credit for. They are still the gold standard for SMB and Active Directory integration. However, providing storage services in one or more VMs (or physical servers) means more instances to manage and patch (patch Tuesday - The second Tuesday of each month, is an unofficial term used to refer to when Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, and others regularly release software patches for their software products), and complicates cluster startup. Also, allocating and expanding storage including LUN creation and file system formatting can be a challenging puzzle.

Nutanix Files and HYCU to the rescue.

These organizations are missing out on HCI’s promise of eliminating expensive, dedicated storage hardware. All these solutions aren’t very flexible in post-deployment scaling. Nutanix Files and HYCU are aiming to improve all those points.

Why using Nutanix Files and HYCU?

Easy to setup

Setting up and configuring Nutanix files is easy. With a few clicks, you have a basic file server integrated with an active directory. You can set it up as a stand-alone Nutanix file cluster or part of your existing Nutanix cluster for better cluster utilization. It supports NFS and SMB.

Easy to maintain

Nutanix Files makes it easy to maintain your file serving platform. Because of the Nutanix HCI framework, you don’t need to patch each silo. You can update the whole platform from the same GUI without any significant downtime.

Nutanix Files HYCU Core ICT Data center IT infrastructure Managed Services
Nutanix Files: simple, flexible, intelligent file storage management

Enterprise storage ready

Leveraging the Nutanix Enterprise cloud architecture, Nutanix Files is a distributed scale-out, high available storage platform. It’s capable of intelligent tiering, erasure coding, compression, and self-healing.

File analytics

Compared to the limited native reports in traditional solutions, Nutanix Files analytics is capable of parsing, analyzing, indexing, and visualizing auditing data in a comprehensive manner. It helps you to understand how, why, by who, and when data is used.

Nutanix Files HYCU Core ICT Data center IT infrastructure Managed Services
Nutanix increased this year the ransomware resistance for Nutanix Files

Ransomware protection

Nutanix files Analytics enables you to detect, prevent and recover from a ransomware attack. The anomaly detection engine is capable of detecting mass file deletion or mass permission changes. It will trigger alerts based on defined policies allowing to react as quickly as needed. It also allows you to recover only the impacted files in an easy way.


You can block files based on extensions. It supports Access-based enumeration (ABE) and antivirus scanning using ICAP which enables communication with external servers hosting third-party antivirus software.

Nutanix Files HYCU Core ICT Data center IT infrastructure Managed Services
File Analytics will help audit the file system usage, such as who is creating, accessing, moving, deleting, and modifying files and permissions.

Changed file tracking

Nutanix Files has a build-in API that enables HYCU to take efficient backups without having to do full file scans across the file server which have a negative impact on the performance.


The snapshot functionality has several advantages. Not only does it make sure you have a consistent backup. HYCU uses them combined with the Nutanix backup API’s to backup multiple files in parallel. But it also enables you to recover from a ransomware attack.

Nutanix Files HYCU Core ICT Data center IT infrastructure Managed Services
Optimizing Nutanix Files with HYCU data protection.

Fast restore

You can use the build-in snapshots for fast restores the same day or even a few days depending on your setup. Because the snapshots are located on the same storage no data movement is needed and the restore is near-instant. You can even enable self-service restore so the end-users can recover files from snapshots themselves.

If you also have the backup software HYCU configured for longer retentions, you choose between the different restore points available. Once selected you can restore full shares at once but also file level restores in a performant way.

Disaster recovery capable

Leveraging the snapshots and build-in replication capabilities, the Nutanix platform has a near-zero one-click RTO. You can even bring up data on the other cluster on a share base or the complete file server. Even if your share is bigger than 50TB.

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