Technical fact 10: EEPROM warning on host.

25-jan-2022 15:34:10

Incredible progress has been made by technology in the last couple of years. The future of technology is overwhelming for some, while it can be exciting for others. In our ‘Technical Facts’ series, we have put together some interesting and surprising facts about tech! You might be surprised and amused by what we’ve discovered. Time to talk about EEPROM warning on the host.

What problem did we face during the monitoring?

This technical fact will help IT-people that are receiving “Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory”- or easier to pronounce and abbreviated: EEPROM-warnings on their host and your Lenovo hardware is running versions of Best Recipe before 5.1.


All the hosts were giving the warning of the EEPROM module was not being supported.

First of all, we will give you some background information on how we got to this solution. This specific customer is running Lenovo hardware with Nutanix hypervisor installed. This issue all started when our monitoring system received warnings from our customer hosts. When we took a closer look at the hosts, we saw that all the hosts were giving the warning of the EEPROM module not being supported.

The warnings:

EEPROM Lenovo Host Firmware Patching Upgrading
Warning 1: Module EEPROM memory read not supported. Please update the NVM image.
EEPROM Lenovo Host Firmware Patching Upgrading
Warning 2: Module EEPROM memory read not supported. Please update the NVM image.

The cluster was still healthy and not experiencing any issues while receiving these warnings on the host. This particular situation was something we hadn’t experienced before in any other environment.

Bert’s approach to solving the EEPROM warning:

Of course, we wanted to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. First of all, we contacted Lenovo & Nutanix support to solve this problem together. Lenovo checked everything on the hardware side while Nutanix took care of the hypervisor level.

We also checked if the network adapters were experiencing any packet loss or downtime. Luckily, this was not the case, and also unreachable warnings did not occur. After troubleshooting with Lenovo & Nutanix support, we found out this was a new internal known issue with the Lenovo hardware. This could easily be resolved by upgrading the Lenovo firmware to the latest Best Recipe 5.1 which was just launched at the end of December ‘21.

After performing the firmware upgrades, which were done one by one so the customer didn’t experience any downtime, the hosts didn’t experience the EEPROM warnings anymore and are running smoothly as they should. Keeping your hardware and software on the latest firmware level is véry important and will save you a lot of time resolving issues afterwards.

Do you need more information about this topic or you can’t solve another IT problem on your own? Please reach out, we will help you!

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